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Overview of the country records

This page shows the current national records for the seniors, juniors and Masters summarized according to the distances. Please select the country and the age group from the menu. In addition on the page Country record history you will see a detailed overview of the history (evolution) of the national records on each distance.

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National records of the current season - 2020/21

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NameRecordTypeTime / PointsDateLocation
Championship Record Juniors5.000 meter6:27.1323.10.2020
Championship Record Juniors3.000 meter4:13.8823.10.2020
Cooper McleodNational Record Juniors500 meter35.3323.10.2020Salt Lake City
Cooper McleodAge Group Record AG A1/A2500 meter35.3323.10.2020Salt Lake City
Ema HinckleyNational Record500 meter44.3017.10.2020Salt Lake City
Ema HinckleyNational Record1.000 meter1:29.0717.10.2020Salt Lake City
Age Group Record AG D1/D2500 meter41.1111.10.2020
Philippe SzygendaNational Record Master AG 4510.000 meter17:25.7603.10.2020Bjugn
Vishwaraj R. JadejaNational Record Master AG 351.000 meter1:22.3903.10.2020Heerenveen
Szymon WojtakowskiAge Group Record AG B1/B23.000 meter3:58.0203.10.2020Inzell
Philippe SzygendaNational Record Master AG 45Big combination197,86002. - 03.10.2020Bjugn
Diego AmayaAge Group Record AG A1/A21.500 meter1:50.1719.09.2020Salt Lake City
Vishwaraj R. JadejaNational Record Master AG 35500 meter40.9819.09.2020Heerenveen
Vishwaraj R. JadejaNational Record Master AG 351.500 meter2:03.3919.09.2020Heerenveen
Effective: 24.11.2020
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