F.A.Q. – Frequently asked questions

Regulary, we get emails with recurring questions. So we are providing the most common questions on this page. If you have a question and the answer is not presented on this page, then please don’t hesitate and send us a message via the contact form. Thank you!

  • Where did all the information come from?

    Most of the data come from the official competition protocolls and are send to us by the organizers itself. We obtain these protocols. Older competitions are determined by investigation in the Federal Archives or directly from the clubs. The majority of the data is included in the database of the WSSSA (World Speed Skating Statistician Association).

  • Can I delete my profile?

    This is not possible. The deletion of single athletes would lead to distortion of numerous results.

    In accordance with the GDPR laws, it is possible to anonymize a profile. The actual competition results and statistics are retained. However, no name appears. In addition, the athlete profile is no longer displayed or can no longer be found in the search.

    Please note that we have NO influence on search results on Google or other search engines. Here it can take a while before the data is removed from the search cache.

  • Which athletes are shown in the statistics?

    The names and times of all athletes who participated in an official competition and which are listed in the public competition protocols are stored in our database.

  • Why does my name appear on the athlete-card without any results?

    We have results for all listed athletes, but the recording of the results is very time consumable. When we receive new protocols we collect in the first step “only” the names and the club of the athletes. In the second step, we record the race itself. When this is done, all data are shown correctly on the “athletes’ business card”.

  • The links on the page do not work!

    This shouldn’t really be happen 🙁 Please write us the link via the contact form and we will correct the error as soon as possible.

    Please note, that Javascript is required for displaying some data. So please make sure that JavaScript is enabled on your web browser!

  • Why are my personal records not correct?

    Generally, this can have two reasons: either the result, in which the personal best was gone, have not yet been registered in our database, or we have made an mistake while capturing the result.

    Please use the contact form to send us the corrections.

  • Why don't match the masters records with the best times?

    The IMSSC defines the conditions under which masters records can be set. Usually the time must be skated in an officially sanctioned race or in a Masters national championship (similar to the ISU requirements for recognizing World Records).

    There may be faster times skated by masters skaters that have not been recognized by the IMSSC.

  • Why are there no results for a competition?

    Of course, we try to capture all competitions. However, sometimes we do not get the result protocols. If you have a protocol, then please send it via email to info@speedskatingnews.info.

  • Do you have the split times?

    No. The effort would be too great. In addition, only a few tracks deliver the lap times with the protocols.

  • What other results sites are there?

    There are some other results pages. A small selection is:

  • How are the data entered into the database?

    The reading of the data into the database is a very time consuming process, because and unfortunately: not everything can be automated. In principle, it works like that results and protocols are sent to us and we bring them into a common format. This happens mostly with Excel. Then all protocol data are processed by our backend system. There is a (semi-automatic) allocation of competitions, athletes, rinks, distances, etc. But especially, the allocation of athletes is relatively time consuming, because often there are different spellings or typographical errors in the protocols.

    All in all it takes about 20 minutes to capture a “normal” competition.

  • What guarantee is there that all data are correct?

    None! Sorry!

  • The spelling of a name is not correct

    The spelling and writing of a name is often depending on the country. Particularly, this occurs frequently in Slavic names. Meanwhile we collect also other spellings. However, if you find a mistake, so we would appreciate a note so that we can correct it.

  • Some competition times, best times or records are not correct

    Unfortunately, this can happen due to several reasons. Please send us the correct times through the contact form and we will correct them, asap.

  • Why don't you write news stories anymore?

    In the past the most news stories were written by Dirk and Matthias. Unfortunately, both are busy with other projects. So bBecause of this and our limited time, we have focused mainly on capturing the results.

  • Can I help or work for SpeedSkatingNews.info?

    Yes please! We are desperately looking for reliable helpers for the result recording. If you are interested in supporting us (voluntarily and without any payment), then write us a short email.

  • Unfortunately there are some missing results or the results are incorrect. How can this be changed?

    We create new results almost daily. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes can happen, because of each rink transmits the results in a different form and a different format. Once we have been informed about an error, we will correct this as soon as possible.

  • There are no data in the athletes' profile

    Sometimes we lack some information. If you have more data to athletes (e.g. skating club, coach, personal bests etc.) then please writes us via the contact form. We will expand or correct the profile data asap.

  • I would like to change my profile image. Is that possible?

    You are welcome to send us a picture. However it should be noted, that it should be a portrait. Furthermore it should also have a good quality. With the submission of the image you agree the publication of the image on SpeedSkatingNews.info.

  • What do the abbreviations mean?

    Sometimes we use numerous abbreviations in the results and statistics. Especially, this is hard to read for people that are not so famliar with ice speed skating. Therefore we have broken down these codes:

    Types of competitions
    Abbreviation Full written Description
    NC No competition The result is not included in the competition ranking.
    WDR Withdrawn The athlete was registered for the competition and drawn – but has pulled back his start.
    DNF Did not finished The athlete did not finishes the race (for example after a fall)
    DNS Did not start The athlete did not appear for the start.
    OOC Out of competition Some races take place outside a competition framework (e.g. special races).
    Age groups
    Abbreviation Description
    F1 8 years
    F2 9 years
    E1 10 years
    E2 11 years
    D1 12 years
    D2 13 years
    C1 14 years
    C2 15 years
    B1 16 years
    B2 17 years
    A1 18 years
    A2 19 years
    Abbreviation Description
    OR Olympic record
    WR World record
    WRJ World record Juniors
    WRout World record (Outdoor)
    WRlow World record low land (unofficially)
    WRJout World record Juniors (outdoor)
    WRvKlapp World record before claps skates where used
    WRvKlappout World record before claps skates where used (outdoor)
    WRM World record Masters
    WRMxx World record Masters AGxx (z.B. WRM45 = Master AG 45)
    ER European championship record
    WCR World cup record
    WCRJ World cup record Juniors
    WCGR Grand World cup record
    NR National record
    NRJ National record Juniors
    NRM National record Masters
    NRMxx National record Masters AGxx (z.B. NRM45 = Master AG 45)
    A1A2 Age group record AG A1/A2
    B1B2 Age group record AG B1/B2
    C1C2 Age group record AG C1/C2
    D1D2 Age group record AG D1/D2
    NRAK National age group record (A1-D2)
    TR Track record
    TRJ Track record Juniors


  • What about privacy and the GDPR?

    First of all: The data collection, storage and processing on our website corresponds to the current regulations of the GDPR!

    In particular, GDPR §89 (archiving purposes, for scientific or historical research purposes and for statistical purposes) applies. This was also confirmed and approved by the German Data Protection Commissioner in Berlin (don’t know if this is the real English terminology).