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speed skating Distance result: Alberta Long Track Open ⋅ Men ⋅ 500 meter Canada

Olympic Oval T2N 1N4 2500 University Drive NW Canada
Distance result:
Single distance - 500m
Olympic Oval Calgary
  • 33 skaters from 2 countries
  • 33 men
  • 1 distance (500m)
  • 33 races (1x with DNF/DNS/DQ)
Men, 500mDate: 13.01.2012
1Chris MorrisonCAN39.98SB
2Robert WinterCAN40.18
3Cody.94 MillerCAN40.31
4Vaughn ThibaultCAN40.58
5Jules ChabotCAN40.77SB
6N. N.CAN41.23
7Rory WizbickiCAN41.52
8Devin RigbyCAN41.56SB
9Mitchell McCulloughCAN41.59
10Jason GrenonCAN41.74
11Paul CooneyCAN41.76SB
12Camden ChabotCAN41.81
13Matthew PariseauCAN41.91
14Michael HosaneeCAN42.84PB
15Dylan WhiteCAN42.87
16Kalum LamotheCAN43.02PB
17Jordan EhmanCAN43.08
18Lukas ConlyCAN43.63
19Gabriel QuonCAN43.89
20Lyle DickiesonCAN44.26SB
21Brian JohnstonCAN44.30SB
22Jared McleodCAN44.46
23Adam St. MarieCAN45.01SB
24Jacob SeguinCAN45.07
25Kees KoemanCAN45.13
26Kevin YaholnitskyCAN45.34
27Iman KoemanNED46.52SB
28David ConnellCAN48.34
29Jack MeulenbroekCAN56.44SB
30Lauritis SkjolingstadCAN59.52SB
31Peter BlokkerCAN1:02.58
32Roy WhitneyCAN1:17.49
 Sheldon GuentherCANDQ
SB - Saison best, PB - Personal best

1. day (13.01.2012)

2. day (14.01.2012)

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