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speed skating Competition: Norwegische Allround Championships 1900 ⋅ Men Norway

Øya Stadion 7030 Krogness gate 8 Norway
  • 19 skaters from 1 country
  • 19 men
  • 3 distances (1.500m, 500m, 5.000m)
  • 57 races (3x with DNF/DNS/DQ)
Men, Samalog - Allround 500m/5.000m/1.500mDate: 10. - 11.02.1900
1Edvard Larsen EngelsaasNOR47.609:02.802:30.20n/a 
 Rudolf GundersenNOR49.209:34.802:37.00n/a 
 Asbjørn ByeNOR50.009:36.802:37.60n/a 
 Leonhard Marinus KristoffersenNOR51.209:32.802:41.20n/a 
 Aimar OlsenNOR51.209:42.402:42.00n/a 
 Martinus LørdahlNOR50.009:58.002:43.80n/a 
 John SkjefstadNOR52.009:57.802:45.40n/a 
 Thorvald ThomsenNOR53.209:45.602:48.20n/a 
 Johan JohansenNOR51.2010:12.002:49.00n/a 
 Olaf OnsøienNOR55.009:50.802:48.20n/a 
 Anton Margido MathisenNOR52.6010:06.602:52.00n/a 
 Wictor StoppenbrinkNOR53.40 2:42.00n/a 
 Olaf EinersenNOR51.60 2:49.60n/a 
 Carl M. FrantzenNOR 9:29.602:42.80n/a 
 Oluf SteenNOR 9:46.402:46.80n/a 
 Birger PrøschNOR54.80  n/a 
 Johan M. NielsenNORDNF 2:51.40n/a 
 Ole ØstlundNORDNF10:13.40 n/a 
 Arne JohnsenNOR DNS n/a 
TR - Track record, PB - Personal best, SB - Saison best, NRJ - National age class record
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