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speed skating Competition: Koreanische Single Distances Championships 2014 ⋅ Women Südkorea

Taeneung International Ice-Skating Rink 139-242 223-19 Kongnung 2-Dong South Korea
  • 79 skaters from 1 country
  • 32 women and 47 men
  • 6 distances (1.000m, 10.000m, 1.500m, 3.000m, 500m, 5.000m)
  • 177 races (5x with DNF/DNS/DQ)
Women, Samalog - 2 x 500 meter 500m/500mDate: 29. - 31.10.2014
1st race
2nd race
1Sang-Hwa LeeKOR38.8338.8877,710
2Mee JangKOR39.9839.9679,940SB
3Bo-Ra.86 LeeKOR40.3839.9080,280
4Hyeon-Yeong KimKOR40.5939.9180,500SB
5Seung-Joo ParkKOR40.4640.1880,640SB
6Seung-Hee ParkKOR40.4940.1980,680
7Ye-Weon NamKOR40.3340.4780,800SB
8Min-Seon KimKOR40.6540.6081,250SB
9Hae-Ri KwakKOR41.3040.9882,280SB
10Soo-Jin ParkKOR41.1841.1882,360
11Yeon-Joo JangKOR41.5141.2682,770SB
12Da-Som HwangKOR41.4441.5182,950SB
13Ka-Yeong NoKOR41.7641.5783,330PB
14Jee-Weon YoonKOR42.1242.3084,420SB
15Min-Jo KimKOR40.461:04.97105,430SB
 Min-Jee KimKORDQ n/a 
SB - Saison best, PB - Personal best
Women, 3000mDate: 29.10.2014
1Bo-Reum KimKOR4:24.06
2Ye-Jin JeonKOR4:24.29SB
3Do-Yeong ParkKOR4:26.31
4Cho-Weon ParkKOR4:27.42
5Seung-Jin.94 LeeKOR4:27.68
6Ji Woo ParkKOR4:28.80
7Jeong-Soo LimKOR4:31.25
8Jee-Eun NamKOR4:31.96
9Soo-Jee.97 JangKOR4:34.85
10Seon-Yeong NoKOR4:35.73
11Chae-Rin EomKOR4:40.24
12Jee-Hyeon WooKOR4:41.70SB
13Chae-Hyeon SeoKOR4:52.97
SB - Saison best
Women, 1000mDate: 30.10.2014
1Sang-Hwa LeeKOR1:19.18
2Seung-Hee ParkKOR1:21.16
3Hyeon-Yeong KimKOR1:21.45
4Mee JangKOR1:21.80
5Ye-Weon NamKOR1:22.64
6Ha-Eun KimKOR1:22.66
7Seung-Joo ParkKOR1:23.12
8Hae-Ri KwakKOR1:23.35
9Bo-Ra.86 LeeKOR1:23.87
10Da-Som HwangKOR1:24.55
11Min-Seon KimKOR1:24.62
12Yoon-Hee HeoKOR1:24.75
 Min-Jee KimKORDQ
Women, 5000mDate: 30.10.2014
1Seung-Jin.94 LeeKOR7:53.61
2Yoo-Jeong ShinKOR8:38.18
Women, 1500mDate: 31.10.2014
1Seon-Yeong NoKOR2:05.00
2Bo-Reum KimKOR2:06.75
3Cho-Weon ParkKOR2:06.99
4Ji Woo ParkKOR2:07.20
5Chae-Rin EomKOR2:07.67
6Do-Yeong ParkKOR2:07.84
7Seung-Jin.94 LeeKOR2:08.38
8Jee-Hyeon WooKOR2:08.97
9Jee-Eun NamKOR2:09.41
10Ha-Eun KimKOR2:09.41
11Ye-Jin JeonKOR2:09.49SB
12Jeong-Soo LimKOR2:10.17
13Yoon-Hee HeoKOR2:10.18
14Soo-Jee.97 JangKOR2:11.51
SB - Saison best

1. day (29.10.2014)

2. day (30.10.2014)

3. day (31.10.2014)

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