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speed skating Competition: 2012 Liaoning Province Youth Championships ⋅ Women ⋅ until 23.01.2012 China

Bayi Speed Skating Oval Tongshan Road China
Bayi Speed Skating Oval Shenyang
23. - 24.01.2012
  • 52 skaters from 1 country
  • 23 women and 29 men
  • 5 distances (1.000m, 1.500m, 3.000m, 500m, 5.000m)
  • 71 races (1x with DNF/DNS/DQ)
Women, 500mDate: 23.01.2012
1Ziyang LiCHN47.21
2Jiaxin GuoCHN47.24
3Zizheng JiaCHN47.46PB
4Yining ZhaoCHN47.64
5Xintong WangCHN47.81
6Youyou WangCHN48.34PB
7Yuqing LiuCHN48.50PB
8Chuhan.00 ShaoCHN48.60SB
9Shihui LuCHN49.13PB
10Miao HeCHN50.20PB
PB - Personal best, SB - Saison best
Women, 1500mDate: 23.01.2012
1Mei HanCHN2:22.92
2Yining ZhaoCHN2:27.66SB
3Chuhan.00 ShaoCHN2:32.50
4Jiahui LaiCHN2:33.93SB
5Mengqing YuanCHN2:40.91PB
6Ruxin SunCHN2:42.33PB
7Sifang WangCHN2:43.65PB
8Wanxin XuCHN2:44.10PB
9Siyi.94 WangCHN2:44.55PB
SB - Saison best, PB - Personal best

1. day (23.01.2012)

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