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Ewa Sylwia Borkowska15 years 158 days14.01.1989Berlin
Martina Sáblíková15 years 225 days03.01.2003Heerenveen
Karolína Erbanová16 years 78 days09.01.2009Heerenveen
Minna Nystedt16 years 99 days14.01.1984Alma Ata
Ewa Sylwia Borkowska16 years 161 days17.01.1990Heerenveen
Martina Sáblíková16 years 231 days09.01.2004Heerenveen
Margret Tanz16 years 245 days31.01.1970Heerenveen
Maila Lehtimäki16 years 255 days23.01.1983Heerenveen
Fanny Cadau16 years 268 days14.01.1984Alma Ata
Monika Pflug16 years 340 days31.01.1971Leningrad
Edel Therese Høiseth17 years 0 days23.01.1983Heerenveen
Jasmin Krohn17 years 57 days14.01.1984Alma Ata
Andrea Jirků17 years 63 days12.01.2007Collalbo
Karolína Erbanová17 years 78 days09.01.2010Hamar
Minna Nystedt17 years 98 days12.01.1985Groningen
Dolores Gysin-Lier17 years 103 days02.02.1974Alma Ata
Oana Anesia Opincariu17 years 124 days12.01.2007Collalbo
Hege Bøkko17 years 131 days09.01.2009Heerenveen
Gina-Cristina Dima17 years 137 days06.01.1995Heerenveen
Ute Dix17 years 158 days10.02.1973Gran
Ewa Sylwia Borkowska17 years 162 days18.01.1991Sarajevo
Bianca Elena Anghel17 years 166 days03.01.2003Heerenveen
Daniela Georgiana Dumitru17 years 171 days07.01.2005Heerenveen
Vanessa Bittner17 years 196 days11.01.2013Heerenveen
Martina Windhager17 years 228 days12.01.2007Collalbo
Heike Schalling17 years 231 days14.01.1984Alma Ata
Cecilie Funnemark17 years 231 days10.02.1973Gran
Maila Lehtimäki17 years 246 days14.01.1984Alma Ata
Sylvia Filipsson17 years 258 days31.01.1971Leningrad
Sofie Karoline Haugen17 years 269 days11.01.2013Heerenveen
Antoinette de Jong17 years 285 days11.01.2013Heerenveen
Nikola Zdráhalova17 years 289 days11.01.2014Hamar
Emese Nemeth-Hunyady17 years 320 days14.01.1984Alma Ata
Anneli Repola-Risku17 years 320 days15.01.1972Inzell
Monika Pflug17 years 324 days15.01.1972Inzell
Karolina Bosiek17 years 325 days06.01.2018Kolomna
Edel Therese Høiseth17 years 356 days14.01.1984Alma Ata
Erwina Rys18 years 27 days10.02.1973Gran
Dana Marilena Ionescu18 years 36 days19.01.1996Heerenveen
Birgit Männel18 years 40 days10.02.1973Gran
Jasmin Krohn18 years 56 days12.01.1985Groningen
Merja Törrönen18 years 57 days02.02.1974Alma Ata
Viola Feichtner18 years 61 days06.01.2017Heerenveen
Andrea Jirků18 years 63 days12.01.2008Kolomna
Karolína Erbanová18 years 76 days07.01.2011Collalbo
Karin Rybäck18 years 77 days17.01.1981Heerenveen
Monika Zernicek18 years 120 days10.02.1973Gran
Hege Bøkko18 years 131 days09.01.2010Hamar
Ute Dix18 years 150 days02.02.1974Alma Ata
Elke Felicetti18 years 161 days14.01.1989Berlin
Inger Karset18 years 165 days31.01.1970Heerenveen
Daniela Oltean18 years 172 days08.01.1999Heerenveen
Bianca Elena Anghel18 years 172 days09.01.2004Heerenveen
Daniela Georgiana Dumitru18 years 178 days14.01.2006Hamar
Linda Rombouts18 years 181 days15.01.1972Inzell
Andreea Jakab18 years 182 days15.01.2000Hamar
Marzia Peretti18 years 213 days14.01.1984Alma Ata
Heike Schalling18 years 230 days12.01.1985Groningen
Martina Sáblíková18 years 237 days14.01.2006Hamar
Elena Belci-Dal Farra18 years 241 days23.01.1983Heerenveen
Sylvia Filipsson18 years 242 days15.01.1972Inzell
Maila Lehtimäki18 years 245 days12.01.1985Groningen
Barbara de Loor18 years 246 days22.01.1993Heerenveen
Hanne Eriksson18 years 250 days11.01.1986Geithus
Ragne Wiklund18 years 251 days11.01.2019Collalbo
Marrit Leenstra18 years 251 days12.01.2008Kolomna
Marie Tollefsen18 years 260 days12.01.1985Groningen
Sofie Karoline Haugen18 years 269 days11.01.2014Hamar
Natalja Glebova18 years 273 days23.01.1982Heerenveen
Ewa Malewicka18 years 275 days02.02.1974Alma Ata
Hedvig Bjelkevik18 years 276 days15.01.2000Hamar
Nicola Mayr18 years 284 days10.01.1997Heerenveen
Andrea Schulze18 years 286 days14.01.1984Alma Ata
Ireen Wüst18 years 286 days07.01.2005Heerenveen
Nikola Zdráhalova18 years 288 days10.01.2015Tscheljabinsk
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