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Overview of the country records

This page shows the current national records for the seniors, juniors and Masters summarized according to the distances. Please select the country and the age group from the menu. In addition on the page Country record history you will see a detailed overview of the history (evolution) of the national records on each distance.

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National records of the current season - 2019/20

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NameRecordTypeTime / PointsDateLocation
Philippe SzygendaChampionship record Masters AG 453.000 meter4:44.9604.01.2020Hamar
Philippe SzygendaNational record Masters AG 45Small combination187,67504. - 05.01.2020Hamar
Martin BelloirAge class record AG B1/B23.000 meter4:20.3604.01.2020Inzell
Philippe SzygendaChampionship record Masters AG 45Small combination187,67504. - 05.01.2020Hamar
Lukács SomaAge class record AG D1/D2Sprint combination186,40004. - 05.01.2020Budapest
Alessandro LoreggiaAge class record AG C1/C21.000 meter1:18.1204.01.2020Inzell
Gerrit MiddelkoopChampionship record Masters AG 65Small combination208,26404. - 05.01.2020Hamar
Randi HasseløChampionship record Masters AG 30Mini combination229,60604. - 05.01.2020Hamar
Odd Øystein LangegårdChampionship record Masters AG 40Small combination173,95504. - 05.01.2020Hamar
Arne Kjell FoldvikChampionship record Masters AG 851.500 meter3:08.1904.01.2020Hamar
Arne Kjell FoldvikChampionship record Masters AG 85500 meter55.1204.01.2020Hamar
Egil BoknChampionship record Masters AG 701.500 meter2:24.2204.01.2020Hamar
Arne Kjell FoldvikChampionship record Masters AG 85Mini combination243,54104. - 05.01.2020Hamar
Frank Erik TindvikChampionship record Masters AG 35Small combination169,12504. - 05.01.2020Hamar
Frank Erik TindvikChampionship record Masters AG 353.000 meter4:14.0904.01.2020Hamar
Svein BruketChampionship record Masters AG 75Mini combination206,04304. - 05.01.2020Hamar
Monica HolthChampionship record Masters AG 40Mini combination218,85104. - 05.01.2020Hamar
Trine LandsemChampionship record Masters AG 50Mini combination226,42204. - 05.01.2020Hamar
Trine LandsemChampionship record Masters AG 501.500 meter2:48.5904.01.2020Hamar
Aoyu ChenAge class record AG C1/C2Mini combination168,97602. - 03.01.2020Harbin
Ho-Joon YangAge class record AG C1/C2Small Junior-combination160,85802. - 03.01.2020Seoul
Kaja ZiomekChampionship record500 meter38.8530.12.2019Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Fran VanhoutteAge class record AG B1/B2500 meter42.2729.12.2019Leeuwarden
Fran VanhoutteAge class record AG B1/B21.500 meter2:13.4929.12.2019Leeuwarden
Fran VanhoutteNational record Juniors500 meter42.2729.12.2019Leeuwarden
Championship record Juniors500 meter35.1829.12.2019
Jutta LeerdamChampionship record1.000 meter1:14.2429.12.2019Heerenveen
Szymon WojtakowskiAge class record AG C1/C2Sprint combination149,69529. - 30.12.2019Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Kaja ZiomekChampionship recordSprint combination157,97029. - 30.12.2019Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Casey DawsonChampionship record Juniors10.000 meter13:51.8329.12.2019Salt Lake City
Casey DawsonChampionship record Juniors5.000 meter6:34.9029.12.2019Salt Lake City
Darius EsheteNational record Masters AG 353.000 meter4:11.3328.12.2019Calgary
Martin BelloirAge class record AG B1/B21.000 meter1:19.7828.12.2019Inzell
Christiane KloßNational record Masters AG 45Small combination195,76628. - 29.12.2019Erfurt
National record Masters AG 35500 meter37.4928.12.2019
Championship record JuniorsSprint combination141,27528. - 29.12.2019
Championship record JuniorsSprint combination157,66528. - 29.12.2019
Championship record1.000 meter1:13.7328.12.2019
Championship record Juniors500 meter38.8128.12.2019
Championship recordSprint combination149,70528. - 29.12.2019
Thomas KrolChampionship record1.500 meter1:43.8628.12.2019Heerenveen
Jur VeenjeChampionship record Juniors1.500 meter1:49.9128.12.2019Heerenveen
Jutta LeerdamChampionship record500 meter37.7528.12.2019Heerenveen
Jordan StolzAge class record AG B1/B21.000 meter1:11.2528.12.2019Salt Lake City
Dai Dai NtabChampionship record500 meter34.3727.12.2019Heerenveen
Sebastian DinizChampionship record Juniors500 meter35.9027.12.2019Heerenveen
Casey DawsonAge class record AG A1/A2Small Junior-combination148,61127. - 29.12.2019Salt Lake City
Casey DawsonNational record JuniorsSmall Junior-combination148,61127. - 29.12.2019Salt Lake City
Stien VanhoutteNational record100 meter11.0526.12.2019Heerenveen
Fran VanhoutteAge class record AG B1/B2100 meter11.4826.12.2019Heerenveen
Fran VanhoutteNational record Juniors100 meter11.4826.12.2019Heerenveen
Championship recordBig combination151,59026. - 27.12.2019
Championship record JuniorsBig combination159,03326. - 27.12.2019
National recordBig combination151,59026. - 27.12.2019
Märt KuusNational record Masters AG 403.000 meter5:12.8222.12.2019Zakopane
National record Masters AG 503.000 meter5:23.9022.12.2019
Pavol PetroNational record Masters AG 45500 meter53.0622.12.2019Zakopane
Renata KarabovaNational record Masters AG 30500 meter48.4422.12.2019Zakopane
Renata KarabovaNational record Masters AG 301.000 meter1:39.6822.12.2019Zakopane
Robert BlackNational record Masters AG 55500 meter44.1821.12.2019Calgary
Markus PetschacherNational record Masters AG 55500 meter49.3421.12.2019Innsbruck
Seppe LybaertNational record Masters AG 351.500 meter2:11.0721.12.2019Heerenveen
Nil Llop IzquierdoAge class record AG B1/B23.000 meter4:20.0321.12.2019Zakopane
Sergio Alvarez FernandezAge class record AG D1/D2Sprint combination216,40521. - 22.12.2019Zakopane
Kerli ProhorenkoAge class record AG D1/D2Sprint combination204,48521. - 22.12.2019Zakopane
Sophie WarmuthAge class record AG B1/B2500 meter39.9921.12.2019Inzell
Vishwaraj R. JadejaNational record Masters AG 303.000 meter4:22.6321.12.2019Heerenveen
Vishwaraj R. JadejaNational record Masters AG 301.500 meter2:02.1321.12.2019Heerenveen
Sandis ReinsonsAge class record AG B1/B23.000 meter4:57.0021.12.2019Zakopane
Sandis ReinsonsNational record Juniors3.000 meter4:57.0021.12.2019Zakopane
Madara GintereNational record JuniorsSprint combination202,67021. - 22.12.2019Zakopane
Laura JankovskaAge class record AG D1/D21.000 meter1:37.6421.12.2019Zakopane
Laura JankovskaNational record Juniors1.000 meter1:37.6421.12.2019Zakopane
Madara GintereAge class record AG D1/D2Sprint combination202,67021. - 22.12.2019Zakopane
Kees VerdouwNational record Masters AG 753.000 meter4:59.7721.12.2019Leeuwarden
Effective: 25.02.2020
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