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Overview of the country records

This page shows the current national records for the seniors, juniors and Masters summarized according to the distances. Please select the country and the age group from the menu. In addition on the page Country record history you will see a detailed overview of the history (evolution) of the national records on each distance.

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National records of the current season - 2019/20

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NameRecordTypeTime / PointsDateLocation
Thomas Krol
Kai Verbij
Dai Dai Ntab
National recordTeam Sprint1:18.1813.02.2020Salt Lake City
Letitia de Jong
Femke Kok
Jutta Leerdam
National recordTeam Sprint1:24.0213.02.2020Salt Lake City
Natalia Czerwonka
Kaja Ziomek
Andżelika Wójcik
National recordTeam Sprint1:25.3713.02.2020Salt Lake City
Olga Fatkulina
Angelina Golikova
Darya Kachanova
National recordTeam Sprint1:24.5013.02.2020Salt Lake City
Christian Oberbichler
Oliver Grob
Livio Wenger
National recordTeam Sprint1:20.0313.02.2020Salt Lake City
Asier Peña IturríaNational record Masters AG 405.000 meter8:07.1312.02.2020Oslo
Philippe SzygendaNational record Masters AG 4510.000 meter17:30.9712.02.2020Sør-Fron
Dafne Cecilia Marin LundNational record100 meter12.0011.02.2020Drammen
Dafne Cecilia Marin LundNational record Juniors100 meter12.0011.02.2020Drammen
Dafne Cecilia Marin LundAge class record AG A1/A2100 meter12.0011.02.2020Drammen
Christian OberbichlerNational record500 meter35.4111.02.2020Salt Lake City
Nadja WengerNational record3.000 meter4:17.4211.02.2020Salt Lake City
Otto van de PolNational record Masters AG 351.500 meter1:53.6410.02.2020Heerenveen
Sigmund Løvlien-KrokhaugAge class record AG D1/D210.000 meter20:47.9310.02.2020Tynset
Svetlana JohnsenNational record Masters AG 4510.000 meter22:20.9310.02.2020Tynset
Svetlana JohnsenNational record10.000 meter22:20.9310.02.2020Tynset
João Victor da SilvaNational record Juniors1.000 meter1:14.1709.02.2020
João Victor da SilvaAge class record AG A1/A21.000 meter1:14.1709.02.2020
Zhenjiang YangNational record Masters AG 351.000 meter1:24.2309.02.2020Kolomna
Philippe SzygendaNational record Masters AG 455.000 meter8:02.7709.02.2020Hamar
National record Masters AG 50500 meter43.9009.02.2020
Roxana-Elena ManolacheChampionship record Juniors3.000 meter4:39.8509.02.2020Inzell
Tatjana JepanesjnikovaNational record Masters AG 60500 meter45.9109.02.2020Kolomna
Mathias VostéNational record1.000 meter1:07.7908.02.2020Calgary
Vitaly MikhailovNational record5.000 meter6:16.9208.02.2020Calgary
Ivanie BlondinNational record1.500 meter1:51.7608.02.2020Calgary
Zhenjiang YangNational record Masters AG 35500 meter42.5408.02.2020Kolomna
Zhenjiang YangNational record Masters AG 35Sprint combination169,73508. - 09.02.2020Kolomna
Zhongyan NingNational record1.000 meter1:07.0508.02.2020Calgary
Nil Llop IzquierdoNational record Juniors1.000 meter1:10.2608.02.2020Calgary
Nil Llop IzquierdoAge class record AG B1/B21.000 meter1:10.2608.02.2020Calgary
Nil Llop IzquierdoNational record1.000 meter1:10.2608.02.2020Calgary
Marten LiivNational record1.000 meter1:08.4208.02.2020Calgary
Eetu KäsnänenChampionship recordMini combination177,69808. - 09.02.2020Helsinki (Helsingfors)
Cornelius KerstenNational record1.000 meter1:09.3008.02.2020Calgary
National record Masters AG 501.000 meter1:28.7208.02.2020
Vitaliy ChshigolevNational record5.000 meter6:16.9008.02.2020Calgary
Szymon WojtakowskiChampionship recordMini combination162,29108. - 09.02.2020Zakopane
Szymon WojtakowskiChampionship record JuniorsMini combination162,29108. - 09.02.2020Zakopane
Szymon WojtakowskiAge class record AG C1/C2Mini combination162,29108. - 09.02.2020Zakopane
Gabriel Eduard NituAge class record AG C1/C21.500 meter1:59.5008.02.2020Inzell
Bianca-Lorena StănicăChampionship record1.500 meter2:03.6408.02.2020Inzell
Bianca-Lorena StănicăChampionship recordMini combination167,25408. - 09.02.2020Inzell
Boris.64 OrlovNational record Masters AG 55Sprint combination159,82508. - 09.02.2020Kolomna
Tatjana JepanesjnikovaNational record Masters AG 60Sprint combination186,50008. - 09.02.2020Kolomna
João Victor da SilvaNational record Juniors1.500 meter1:54.8007.02.2020
João Victor da SilvaAge class record AG A1/A21.500 meter1:54.8007.02.2020
Marten LiivNational record500 meter35.2307.02.2020Calgary
Cornelius KerstenNational record1.500 meter1:48.4307.02.2020Calgary
Ellia SmedingNational record1.000 meter1:18.1207.02.2020Calgary
Wei-Lin TaiNational record1.500 meter1:46.6807.02.2020Calgary
Nikita VazjeninChampionship recordMini combination156,52604. - 05.02.2020Nur-Sultan (Astana)
Nikita VazjeninAge class record AG B1/B2Mini combination156,52604. - 05.02.2020Nur-Sultan (Astana)
Sara CabreraNational record Juniors500 meter40.6803.02.2020Heerenveen
Sara CabreraAge class record AG A1/A2500 meter40.6803.02.2020Heerenveen
Sara CabreraNational record500 meter40.6803.02.2020Heerenveen
Petra van der VoornNational record Masters AG 551.000 meter2:07.0802.02.2020Innsbruck
Petra van der VoornNational record Masters AG 553.000 meter6:49.4602.02.2020Innsbruck
Victoria Stirnemann
Sophie Warmuth
Anna Ostlender
National recordTeam Sprint1:33.7302.02.2020Erfurt
Rory McCarthyNational record Juniors1.000 meter1:32.8302.02.2020Eindhoven
Rory McCarthyAge class record AG A1/A21.000 meter1:32.8302.02.2020Eindhoven
Tara DonoghueAge class record AG A1/A25.000 meter8:04.9802.02.2020Haarlem
Tara DonoghueNational record5.000 meter8:04.9802.02.2020Haarlem
Tara DonoghueNational record Juniors5.000 meter8:04.9802.02.2020Haarlem
Aleksandr Klenko
Dmitrij Morozov
Vitaliy Chshigolev
Demyan Gavrilov
National recordTeam Pursuit3:47.9002.02.2020Milwaukee
Willem WesthuisNational record2 x 500 meter104,63001.02.2020Groningen
Kaleb JacobsenAge class record AG B1/B2500 meter40.0101.02.2020Calgary
Kaleb JacobsenAge class record AG B1/B21.500 meter2:10.7101.02.2020Calgary
Petra van der VoornNational record Masters AG 55Mini combination264,26301. - 02.02.2020Innsbruck
Petra van der VoornNational record Masters AG 55500 meter1:05.3201.02.2020Innsbruck
Raimo KarvonenChampionship record Masters AG 75500 meter57.3601.02.2020Oulu (Uleåborg)
Raimo KarvonenChampionship record Masters AG 751.500 meter3:14.4501.02.2020Oulu (Uleåborg)
Paavo SalonenChampionship record Masters AG 701.500 meter2:46.5801.02.2020Oulu (Uleåborg)
Kirsi KorpijärviChampionship record Masters AG 453.000 meter5:40.7701.02.2020Oulu (Uleåborg)
Tara DonoghueNational record Juniors1.500 meter2:09.0001.02.2020Heerenveen
Effective: 25.02.2020
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