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Athlete data of Bart van Bunningen Netherlands

Bart van Bunningen


Current state:
Last competition:


Event1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceTotalTop-10Starts
National championships Juniors-----1
International Top-Events-----2
Other international-1-116
Other national----14
Placements during the World Cup division B are not being considered
Rink1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceTotalTop-10Starts
Inzell -1-126
Den Haag -----1
Calgary -----4
Collalbo -----1
Groningen -----1
Placements during the World Cup division B are not being considered
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Personal bests

DistancePersonal bestLocationDate
100 meter10.96Inzell 19.10.2004
500 meter39.39Calgary 19.03.2003
1.000 meter1:16.70Calgary 15.03.2003
1.500 meter1:56.47Calgary 19.03.2003
3.000 meter4:02.44Calgary 19.03.2003
5.000 meter6:58.58Calgary 19.03.2003
10.000 meter16:54.58Amsterdam 24.02.2002
TypePersonal best pointsLocationDate
Small combination160,477Calgary 19. - 23.03.2003
Season: 2004/05
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
100 meter10.96Inzell KNSB Supersprint19.10.2004
500 meter39.53Inzell Testwettkampf22.10.2004
1.500 meter2:01.02Groningen Qualifikation22.01.2005
3.000 meter4:14.31Groningen Qualifikation22.01.2005
Season: 2002/03
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter39.39Calgary Olympic Oval Finale 200319.03.2003
1.000 meter1:16.70Calgary Time Trials15.03.2003
1.000 meter1:16.70Calgary 15.03.2003
1.500 meter1:56.47Calgary Olympic Oval Finale 200319.03.2003
3.000 meter4:02.44Calgary Olympic Oval Finale 200319.03.2003
5.000 meter6:58.58Calgary Olympic Oval Finale 200319.03.2003
Small combination160,477Calgary Olympic Oval Finale 200319. - 23.03.2003
Season: 2001/02
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter41.42Inzell Trainingswedstrijd Lekstreek & Amsterdam23.10.2001
1.500 meter2:04.94Collalbo Testrace NED28.12.2001
10.000 meter16:54.58Amsterdam 24.02.2002
Season: 2000/01
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
100 meter11.90Inzell Supersprint25.10.2000
500 meter44.22Inzell Amsterdam In Inzell26.10.2000
1.500 meter2:19.96Inzell Amsterdam In Inzell26.10.2000
Season: 1999/00
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
100 meter11.84Inzell Internationaler Supersprint27.10.1999
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