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Athlete data of Andrej Bakhvalov Russia

Andrej Bakhvalov


Soviet Union (-1991) - 26.12.1991

Nativ language:
Андрей Бахвалов

Andrej Bachvalov

Andrey Bakhvalov

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Established or hold records:

DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter36.50Alma Ata Testrace08.01.1992
1.000 meter1:12.31Alma Ata UdSSR Cup26.03.1987
1.000 meter1:16.97Berlin Vierkampf Im Rahmen Des Weltcups30.11.1985
1.000 meter1:17.23Inzell Internationales Sprinterrennen16.02.1985
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter36.99Alma Ata Nationales Rennen10.01.1992
500 meter36.70Berlin Testrennen19.12.1991
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Event1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceTotalTop-10Starts
World championships sprint-11257
Grand World Cup----520
World Cup149145489
National championships12471214
Country Match13-4910
International Top-Events----11
Other international7115234265
Other national41381718
Placements during the World Cup division B are not being considered
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Personal bests

DistancePersonal bestLocationDate
500 meter36.41Alma Ata 16.12.1988
1.000 meter1:12.31Alma Ata 26.03.1987
1.500 meter1:52.70Alma Ata 27.03.1987
3.000 meter4:35.30Moskau 26.11.1983
5.000 meter8:12.10Moskau 08.01.1983
TypePersonal best pointsLocationDate
Sprint combination147,285Heerenveen 25. - 26.02.1989
2 x 500 meter76,760Davos 11.01.1994
Season: 1993/94
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter37.24Hamar Olympic Winter Games 199412.02.1994
1.000 meter1:14.40Calgary World Sprint Championships 199429.01.1994
Sprint combination149,245Calgary World Sprint Championships 199429. - 30.01.1994
2 x 500 meter76,760Davos Davos Sprint11.01.1994
Season: 1992/93
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter37.43Heerenveen 8. World Cup 1992/1993 Final14.03.1993
1.000 meter1:14.79Heerenveen 8. World Cup 1992/1993 Final13.03.1993
Sprint combination152,315Baselga di Pinè Vierkampf Im Rahmen Des Weltcups06. - 07.02.1993
Season: 1991/92
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter36.50Alma Ata Testrace08.01.1992
1.000 meter1:13.75Alma Ata UdSSR (CIS) Single Distance Championships 1992 2.-3.Tag18.01.1992
2 x 500 meter78,140Alma Ata UdSSR (CIS) Single Distance Championships 1992 1.Tag17.01.1992
Season: 1990/91
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter37.16Alma Ata UDSSR Sprint Championships 199105.02.1991
1.000 meter1:14.03Heerenveen 2. World Cup 1990/1991 - Men02.12.1990
Sprint combination148,915Alma Ata UDSSR Sprint Championships 199105. - 06.02.1991
Season: 1989/90
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter37.03Heerenveen 10. World Cup 1989/1990 - Men Final11.03.1990
1.000 meter1:13.98Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kiseljov25.12.1989
Sprint combination148,885Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kiseljov22. - 26.12.1989
Season: 1988/89
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter36.41Alma Ata 16.12.1988
500 meter36.41Alma Ata Preis Des Ministerrates Der Kasachischen SSR17.12.1988
1.000 meter1:13.44Heerenveen World Sprint Championships 198925.02.1989
1.500 meter1:56.70Alma Ata Sommerwettkampf20.08.1988
Sprint combination147,285Heerenveen World Sprint Championships 198925. - 26.02.1989
Season: 1987/88
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter37.30Alma Ata Meisterschaften Der Sportvereinigung ZSKA12.03.1988
1.000 meter1:13.60Alma Ata Meisterschaften Der Sportvereinigung ZSKA11.03.1988
1.500 meter1:57.50Heerenveen 1. World Cup 1987/1988 - Men21.11.1987
Sprint combination149,500Alma Ata Meisterschaften Der Sportvereinigung ZSKA11. - 12.03.1988
Season: 1986/87
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter36.93Alma Ata UdSSR Cup26.03.1987
1.000 meter1:12.31Alma Ata UdSSR Cup26.03.1987
1.000 meter1:12.31Alma Ata 26.03.1987
1.500 meter1:52.70Alma Ata UdSSR Cup27.03.1987
1.500 meter1:52.70Alma Ata 27.03.1987
Sprint combination148,690Alma Ata Länderkampf UdSSR-DDR20. - 21.03.1987
Season: 1985/86
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter37.38Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kiseljov21.12.1985
1.000 meter1:15.00Alma Ata Kontrollwettkampf13.12.1985
Sprint combination151,080Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kiseljov20. - 21.12.1985
Season: 1984/85
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter37.56Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kiseljov29.12.1984
1.000 meter1:14.13Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kiseljov28.12.1984
Sprint combination150,570Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kiseljov28. - 29.12.1984
Season: 1983/84
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter38.04Alma Ata ZSKA Meisterschaft Der UdSSR16.03.1984
1.000 meter1:15.48Alma Ata Länderkampf UdSSR-DDR23.03.1984
1.500 meter1:54.17Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kiseljov27.12.1983
3.000 meter4:35.30Moskau 26.11.1983
Sprint combination152,835Alma Ata ZSKA Meisterschaft Der UdSSR15. - 16.03.1984
Season: 1982/83
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter38.08Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kislejov24.12.1982
1.000 meter1:16.19Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kislejov24.12.1982
1.500 meter2:10.10Kirov 45. Priz Imeni S.M. Kirova19.02.1983
3.000 meter4:38.89Kirov 45. Priz Imeni S.M. Kirova19.02.1983
5.000 meter8:12.10Moskau 08.01.1983
Sprint combination153,720Alma Ata Memorial Nikolaj Kislejov24. - 28.12.1982
Season: 1981/82
DistanceTime / PointsLocationCompetitionDate
500 meter39.46Alma Ata Jakov Melnikov Memorial21.01.1982
1.000 meter1:19.07Alma Ata UdSSR-Cup31.03.1982
Sprint combination158,550Alma Ata UdSSR-Cup29.03. - 01.04.1982
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