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speed skating Distance result: Chinesische Single Distance Championships 2016 ⋅ Women ⋅ 1.000 meter China

Jilin Provincial Speed Skating Rink Ziyou Road China
Distance result:
Single distance - 1000m
Jilin Provincial Speed Skating Rink Changchun
  • 42 skaters from 1 country
  • 42 women
  • 1 distance (1.000m)
  • 42 races (1x with DNF/DNS/DQ)
Women, 1000mDate: 24.10.2015
1Hong ZhangCHN1:15.96TR
2Qishi LiCHN1:16.91
3Jing.85 YuCHN1:18.84
4Xin.92 ZhaoCHN1:19.00
5Jiachen HaoCHN1:19.27
6Xin.90 ZhangCHN1:19.50
7Xue ZhanCHN1:20.04
8Yichi LiuCHN1:20.11SB
9Jing.88 LiuCHN1:20.42
10Yi QuCHN1:21.46
11Yuning ShaCHN1:21.91
12Xue LinCHN1:22.11
13Dan.87 LiCHN1:22.13
14Xue.90 LiCHN1:22.57
15Xueqing ZhaoCHN1:23.09
16Shanna AnCHN1:23.50
17Chao ChangCHN1:24.19
18Miao HanCHN1:24.20
19Tianqi WangCHN1:24.27SB
20Dan GuoCHN1:24.39
21Hanyue GuanCHN1:24.54
22Yibing LiuCHN1:24.98
23Sining YangCHN1:25.00
24Bing LyuCHN1:25.04
25Na.93 LiCHN1:25.17
26Jingyao LyuCHN1:25.20
27Xinmiao.00 ZhangCHN1:25.23
28Lu.00 ZhangCHN1:25.27
29Fei YinCHN1:25.46SB
30Wenjuan ZhangCHN1:25.47SB
31Shuang ZhaoCHN1:25.75SB
32Kaiying WangCHN1:25.92
33Xinyue.00 LiuCHN1:26.20
34Xiaohui YangCHN1:26.27
35Weiping GanCHN1:26.42
36Ying.93 LiuCHN1:26.51SB
37Yue.1099 ZhangCHN1:27.53
38Shiyi ShaoCHN1:28.45
39Yanhui YangCHN1:28.80SB
40Guanyue WangCHN1:29.18SB
41Meiqi LiCHN1:31.93SB
 Shuangshuang WuCHNDQ
TR - Track record, SB - Saison best

1. day (22.10.2015)

2. day (23.10.2015)

3. day (24.10.2015)

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