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speed skating Competition: Norwegische Allround Championships 1901 ⋅ Men Norway

Gamle Frogner Stadion 0260 Middelthuns Gate Norway
  • 27 skaters from 1 country
  • 27 men
  • 3 distances (1.500m, 500m, 5.000m)
  • 66 races (1x with DNF/DNS/DQ)
Men, Samalog - Allround 500m/5.000m/1.500mDate: 26. - 27.01.1901
1Rudolf GundersenNOR48.609:33.402:38.20n/a 
 Asbjørn ByeNOR50.209:44.402:41.00n/a 
 Martinus LørdahlNOR50.109:51.202:44.60n/a 
 Rudolf RøhneNOR50.409:53.402:43.20n/a 
 Carl M. FrantzenNOR51.809:40.402:43.80n/a 
 Aimar OlsenNOR52.209:53.602:46.00n/a 
 Olaf JohansenNOR53.609:53.802:51.60n/a 
 Johan SchwartzNOR55.409:51.202:49.20n/a 
 Sigurd M. RøhneNOR52.4010:23.602:50.40n/a 
 Olaf OnsøienNOR53.809:56.802:54.40n/a 
 Olaf P. JohannesenNOR56.0010:16.802:49.40n/a 
 Oscar WalvigNOR55.8010:30.402:56.20n/a 
 Einar WaalerNOR52.80 2:50.00n/a 
 Leonhard Marinus KristoffersenNOR51.8010:01.40 n/a 
 Edvard Larsen EngelsaasNOR52.0010:14.80 n/a 
 Christian JacobsenNOR57.00  n/a 
 Oscar F. FredriksenNORDNF9:53.60 n/a 
 Sigurd SwenningsenNOR1:17.80  n/a 
TR - Track record, SB - Saison best, PB - Personal best, NRM - National record of the Masters
Men, 1500m, Out of Competition:Date: 26.01.1901
1Einar WaalerNOR2:48.00TR,SB
2Ludvig SimonsenNOR2:55.00PB
3Oscar WalvigNOR2:58.00
4Christian JacobsenNOR2:59.60PB
5Harald AasNOR2:59.80PB
6Lars BergNOR3:01.00PB
7Karl I. OlsenNOR3:02.00PB
8Johan CaspersenNOR3:05.20SB
9Harald Edvard HansenNOR3:05.80SB
10Hans HansenNOR3:06.20PB
11Paul ThorkildsenNOR3:09.60PB
12Ludvig SyvertsenNOR3:22.40PB
TR - Track record, SB - Saison best, PB - Personal best

Single distances

Samalogs (26. - 27.01.1901)

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