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speed skating Competition: Koreanische Single Distances Championships 2014 ⋅ Men Südkorea

Taeneung International Ice-Skating Rink 139-242 223-19 Kongnung 2-Dong South Korea
  • 79 skaters from 1 country
  • 32 women and 47 men
  • 6 distances (1.000m, 10.000m, 1.500m, 3.000m, 500m, 5.000m)
  • 177 races (5x with DNF/DNS/DQ)
Men, 5000mDate: 29.10.2014
1Seung-Hoon.88 LeeKOR6:39.27
2Cheol-Min KimKOR6:47.93
3Byeong-Wook KoKOR6:50.31
4Seong-Kwang ParkKOR6:50.32
5Hyeong-Joon JooKOR6:50.61
6Hyeon-Woong MoonKOR6:51.44
7Jin-Yeong LeeKOR6:52.11
8Dong-Hwan WeonKOR6:53.12
9Min-Seok KimKOR6:56.87
10Jeong-Soo SeoKOR7:03.53
11Do-Hyeong KimKOR7:04.68
12Hyeong-Jin JooKOR7:05.54
13Hyeok-Joon NoKOR7:06.32
14Han-Jae SoKOR7:10.46
15Do-Hyeon KimKOR7:12.23
16Do-Hyeong LeeKOR7:15.12
17Seong-Jee HongKOR7:15.37
18Joon-Seok.91 ParkKOR7:17.26SB
19Hyeon-Min OhKOR7:23.67
20Jin-Il ParkKOR7:28.99
SB - Saison best
Men, Samalog - 2 x 500 meter 500m/500mDate: 29. - 31.10.2014
1st race
2nd race
1Tae-Beom MoKOR35.7935.8571,640
2Joon-Ho KimKOR35.9935.9771,960TRJ
3Kang-Seok LeeKOR36.2235.9472,160SB
4Seong-Kyoo KimKOR36.1636.3872,540SB
5Tae-Yun KimKOR36.4736.4172,880SB
6Yeong-Ho KimKOR36.5836.6173,190SB
7Joon-Hong LimKOR36.6936.7773,460SB
8Seung-Yong YangKOR36.7936.7173,500SB
9Joon MoonKOR36.8836.6573,530SB
10Min-Kyu ChaKOR36.7636.8273,580SB
11Min-Joon BangKOR37.0536.8373,880SB
12Han-Song KimKOR37.1537.0674,210SB
13Yong-Joo KimKOR37.2737.0874,350PB
14Joon-Seok.97 ParkKOR37.8337.7675,590SB
 Kyeong-Rok KimKOR37.9537.6475,590SB
16Keun-Yeong LeeKOR38.1138.0876,190SB
17Nam-Woo KimKOR38.5638.5277,080SB
18Dae-Han ParkKOR58.7838.0296,800SB
 Seung-Kwan OhKORDQ37.17NC 
TRJ - National record Juniors, SB - Saison best, PB - Personal best
Men, 1500mDate: 30.10.2014
1Seung-Hoon.88 LeeKOR1:50.93
2Min-Seok KimKOR1:51.56
3Jin-Soo.92 KimKOR1:52.03
4Cheol-Min KimKOR1:52.30
5Hyeong-Joon JooKOR1:52.43
6Hong-Seon HaKOR1:52.82SB
7Weon-Hoon JangKOR1:53.36
8Byeong-Wook KoKOR1:53.67
9Jeong-Soo SeoKOR1:53.72
10Jin-Yeong LeeKOR1:54.03
11Han-Jae SoKOR1:54.59
12Dong-Hwan WeonKOR1:54.71
13Seok-Joong YoonKOR1:55.29
14Young Jin KimKOR1:55.31
15Kee-Woong ParkKOR1:56.58
16Hyeok-Joon NoKOR1:57.08
17Do-Hyeong KimKOR1:57.71
18Jin-Il ParkKOR1:58.72
19Joon-Seok.91 ParkKOR2:00.39
20Dae-Soon KimKOR2:03.53
SB - Saison best
Men, 1000mDate: 31.10.2014
1Tae-Beom MoKOR1:11.32
2Jin-Soo.92 KimKOR1:11.57
3Hong-Seon HaKOR1:12.23
4Yeong-Ho KimKOR1:12.35
5Weon-Hoon JangKOR1:12.68
6Tae-Yun KimKOR1:12.74
7Kang-Seok LeeKOR1:12.76
8Min-Joon BangKOR1:13.17
9Seung-Yong YangKOR1:13.34
10Joon-Hong LimKOR1:13.43
11Joon-Ho KimKOR1:13.52
12Min-Seok KimKOR1:13.76
13Young Jin KimKOR1:14.19
14Han-Song KimKOR1:15.07
15Kee-Woong ParkKOR1:15.15
16Yong-Joo KimKOR1:15.31
17Seong-Kyoo KimKOR1:15.92
 Woo-Jin.93 KimKORDQ
 Joon MoonKORDQ
Men, 10.000mDate: 31.10.2014
1Seung-Hoon.88 LeeKOR13:50.47
2Seong-Kwang ParkKOR14:11.27TRJ,PB
3Hyeon-Woong MoonKOR14:16.66
4Do-Hyeong KimKOR14:41.77
5Jin-Yeong LeeKOR14:42.19
6Han-Jae SoKOR14:57.28
TRJ - National record Juniors, PB - Personal best

1. day (29.10.2014)

2. day (30.10.2014)

3. day (31.10.2014)

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