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speed skating Competition: Schwedische Allround Championships 2012 ⋅ Women Sweden

Nya Fyrvalla 83143 Genvägen Sweden
  • 29 skaters from 2 countries
  • 12 women and 17 men
  • 5 distances (n/a, 1.500m, 3.000m, 500m, 5.000m)
  • 116 races (3x with DNF/DNS/DQ)
Women, Samalog - Allround 500m/3.000m/1.500mDate: 28. - 29.01.2012
PosNameNation500m3000m1500m5000 Mass startPoints
 Johanna ÖstlundSWE42.854:51.542:17.44 n/a 
 Helena GustafssonSWE46.365:07.172:21.28 n/a 
 Caroline KarlssonSWE46.095:27.122:31.79 n/a 
 Amanda HallbergSWE47.835:18.852:32.94 n/a 
 Anna HånellSWE48.165:27.682:30.27 n/a 
 Louise WistingSWE49.515:18.392:31.63 n/a 
 Karolin Palmertz-CerneSWE49.925:19.082:34.54 n/a 
 Eva LagrangeSWE49.935:20.632:34.50 n/a 
 Anna AnderssonSWE49.065:33.152:39.17 n/a 
 Anna-Lena GudmundssonSWE49.115:43.032:39.69 n/a 
 Christina RavaldSWEDNS5:07.66  n/a 
 Hanna van der PoelSWEDNSDNS  n/a 
TR - Track record, PB - Personal best, SB - Saison best, TRJ - National record Juniors, NRM - National record of the Masters
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