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speed skating Competition: Norwegische Single Distance Championships 1997 ⋅ Women Norway

Savalen Kunstisbane 2500 Norway
  • 49 skaters from 2 countries
  • 11 women and 38 men
  • 6 distances (1.000m, 10.000m, 1.500m, 3.000m, 500m, 5.000m)
  • 159 races (1x with DNF/DNS/DQ)
Women, Samalog - 2 x 500 meter 500m/500mDate: 14. - 16.03.1997
1st race
2nd race
1Linda OlsenNOR41.7341.4683,190SB
 Ester StølenNOR41.6241.5783,190TR,SB
3Lillan WestliNOR43.2643.6986,950SB
4Trude NielsenNOR45.4445.2690,700SB
5Therese Kristin GrimstadNOR46.3446.8993,230PB
6Karen BoldinghNOR47.9047.4995,390PB
7Ragnhild AndresenNOR47.8248.4996,310TRJ,SB
 Nina Johanne TørsetNOR44.14DQn/a 
SB - Saison best, TR - Track record, PB - Personal best, TRJ - National record Juniors
Women, 1000mDate: 15.03.1997
1Linda OlsenNOR1:23.89TR,SB
2Ester StølenNOR1:24.14
3Lise Marie BraathenNOR1:28.24SB
4Lillan WestliNOR1:28.91SB
5Anne Therese TveterNOR1:28.93SB
6Nina Johanne TørsetNOR1:30.03SB
7Therese Kristin GrimstadNOR1:37.28SB
8Karen BoldinghNOR1:38.14SB
9Trude NielsenNOR1:59.84
TR - Track record, SB - Saison best
Women, 3000mDate: 15.03.1997
1Anette TønsbergNOR4:37.01
2Anne Therese TveterNOR4:50.76SB
3Lise Marie BraathenNOR4:54.02SB
4Nina Johanne TørsetNOR5:01.58SB
5Trude NielsenNOR5:14.57SB
6Ragnhild AndresenNOR5:21.42SB
7Karen BoldinghNOR5:25.65SB
SB - Saison best
Women, 1500mDate: 16.03.1997
1Anette TønsbergNOR2:11.11
2Anne Therese TveterNOR2:16.08SB
3Lise Marie BraathenNOR2:16.27SB
4Nina Johanne TørsetNOR2:17.81SB
5Trude NielsenNOR2:22.71SB
6Karen BoldinghNOR2:28.43SB
7Ragnhild AndresenNOR2:29.66SB
SB - Saison best
Women, 5000mDate: 16.03.1997
1Anette TønsbergNOR8:02.69
2Anne Therese TveterNOR8:20.99
3Lise Marie BraathenNOR8:27.77SB
4Karen BoldinghNOR9:23.43PB
5Ragnhild AndresenNOR9:28.78SB
SB - Saison best, PB - Personal best

1. day (15.03.1997)

2. day (16.03.1997)

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