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speed skating Competition: Norwegische Allround Championships 1990 ⋅ Men Norway

Stadion 7651 Stiklestad alle Norway
  • 35 skaters from 1 country
  • 11 women and 24 men
  • 5 distances (10.000m, 1.500m, 3.000m, 500m, 5.000m)
  • 140 races (1x with DNF/DNS/DQ)
Men, Samalog - Big combination 500m/5.000m/1.500m/10.000mDate: 27. - 28.01.1990
1Geir KarlstadNOR40.997:03.482:00.59 n/a 
2Johann Olav KossNOR40.537:08.332:01.34 n/a 
3Steinar HansenNOR41.097:33.902:06.86 n/a 
4Øyvind TveterNOR42.007:35.982:07.71 n/a 
5Ådne SøndrålNOR39.397:19.452:01.15 n/a 
6Jan-Thore BrubakNOR41.937:40.332:09.53 n/a 
7Bjørn SandNOR41.757:39.452:08.69 n/a 
8Roger TvengeNOR41.957:39.782:09.13 n/a 
9Kjell StorelidNOR42.907:31.482:11.57 n/a 
10Øystein HammerenNOR39.737:31.442:05.93 n/a 
11Kai StensliNOR40.597:26.642:04.31 n/a 
12Leif Tore JohansenNOR40.997:37.712:05.23 n/a 
 Thor Olav TveterNOR40.967:41.052:08.41 n/a 
 Werner Lien GjevikNOR40.597:44.182:08.67 n/a 
 Øyvind SteenNOR40.997:49.442:08.03 n/a 
 Geir DåstølNOR40.298:10.812:12.51 n/a 
 Bjørn Egil GrimsrudNOR41.717:55.172:14.00 n/a 
 Nils BergersenNOR41.128:00.042:14.83 n/a 
 Carl Erik SandoNOR42.607:50.632:13.99 n/a 
 Ole Fredrik MaierNOR41.777:54.912:16.71 n/a 
 Halvar HansenNOR42.347:53.522:15.48 n/a 
 Geir Håvard NordvikNOR45.737:42.962:14.59 n/a 
 Atle VårvikNOR57.917:40.482:09.23 n/a 
 Nils Einar AasNOR1:06.967:48.092:08.82 n/a 
TR - Track record, SB - Saison best, NRM - National record of the Masters, PB - Personal best
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