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What do the abbreviations mean?

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Sometimes we use numerous abbreviations in the results and statistics. Especially, this is hard to read for people that are not so famliar with ice speed skating. Therefore we have broken down these codes:

Types of competitions
AbbreviationFull writtenDescription
NCNo competitionThe result is not included in the competition ranking.
WDRWithdrawnThe athlete was registered for the competition and drawn – but has pulled back his start.
DNFDid not finishedThe athlete did not finishes the race (for example after a fall)
DNSDid not startThe athlete did not appear for the start.
OOCOut of competitionSome races take place outside a competition framework (e.g. special races).
Age groups
F18 years
F29 years
E110 years
E211 years
D112 years
D213 years
C114 years
C215 years
B116 years
B217 years
A118 years
A219 years
OROlympic record
WRWorld record
WRJWorld record Juniors
WRoutWorld record (Outdoor)
WRlowWorld record low land (unofficially)
WRJoutWorld record Juniors (outdoor)
WRvKlappWorld record before claps skates where used
WRvKlappoutWorld record before claps skates where used (outdoor)
WRMWorld record Masters
WRMxxWorld record Masters AGxx (z.B. WRM45 = Master AG 45)
EREuropean championship record
WCRWorld cup record
WCRJWorld cup record Juniors
WCGRGrand World cup record
NRNational record
NRJNational record Juniors
NRMNational record Masters
NRMxxNational record Masters AGxx (z.B. NRM45 = Master AG 45)
A1A2Age group record AG A1/A2
B1B2Age group record AG B1/B2
C1C2Age group record AG C1/C2
D1D2Age group record AG D1/D2
NRAKNational age group record (A1-D2)
TRTrack record
TRJTrack record Juniors


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